Didn’t see it coming part two
written by Anonymous (Straight-1349 words)

Man spends second day with buddies wife while buddy golfs

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Story Descriptions

Woman's first name
    Color of her hair
    Style of her hair
    Description of her eyes
    Description of her body
    Description of her boobs
    Description of her butt
    Description of her pussy
    Color of a bikini
    Her age
Her husband's name
His best friend's name
    Description of his penis
Man in dream's name
    His Age
    Description of his eyes
    Description of his stomach
    Description of his body
    Description of his penis

Female Preferences

Term for a woman's chest
Term for a single boob
Term for a woman's nipples
Term for a woman's pussy
Woman's climax juices

Male Preferences

Term for semen
Term for a man's penis
Term for a man's testicles

Shared Preferences

Term for a butt
The act of an orgasm