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A Quick Fantasy

(Straight-1642 words) by Anonymous
You get to take advantage of a girl you want and she also enjoys it .

School Bathroom Fun

(Straight-601 words) by Anonymous
A guy follows a girl into the bathroom for a good time.

At the hotel

(Straight-4333 words) by Anonymous
Sexy times at a hotel

Bored With Life

(Group-1493 words) by House
A bored wife/girl friend decides to try a list of things to make life more interesting.

Birthday Presents

(Group-4635 words) by Doctor D
It's a girl's birthday, and you, her male friend, are going to give her a nice warm present, as well as her two friends. Magic artifacts are great, aren't they?

Library Love

(Straight-2026 words) by Anonymous
A very sexy time in the library

A Work Conquest

(Straight-2034 words) by House
A guy cannot resist a woman at his workplace.

Pee drinking fun

(Lesbian-525 words) by Anonymous
Two girls need to pee but can't go to the bathroom

Drunk Fuck

(Straight-4927 words) by ashton210
Everyone gets drunk.

Honey moon

(Fantasy-1105 words) by Anonymous
Newlywed couple accidentally enter a BDSM club