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Dreams Realized

(Straight-2480 words) by Anonymous
2 friends have a lust filled night


(Family-28876 words) by Anonymous
Brother joins sisters sleepover

The First Debut - Chapter 1

(Straight-2081 words) by Anonymous
Porn casting

Hot tub 5 girls and a guy

(Family-15245 words) by Anonymous
Group sex with sister and her friends on vacation

A Quick Fantasy

(Straight-1642 words) by Anonymous
You get to take advantage of a girl you want and she also enjoys it .

She saved my life

(Straight-3494 words) by Anonymous
Two married friends stuck in a cabin during a blizzard.

Helping out a friend

(Straight-1981 words) by The Viking
Wife asks husband to help her best friend with her sore back.


(Straight-2840 words) by The Viking
My best friends wife has amnesia and thinks she is married to me

Shower Shenanigans

(Family-716 words) by Anonymous
Two Sisters Have a Fun Time in the Shower

Car Sex

(Straight-1996 words) by teenwriter18
A couple has great sex in the backseat of his car