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Car Sex

(Straight-1996 words) by teenwriter18
A couple has great sex in the backseat of his car


(Group-2900 words) by teenwriter18
A guy fucks some of his band mates after class.

A Quick Fantasy

(Straight-1642 words) by Anonymous
You get to take advantage of a girl you want and she also enjoys it .

Girl Best Friend

(Straight-572 words) by Anonymous
Boy hooks up with girl best friend.

Basketball Friends

(Threesome MFF-740 words) by Jedi
Basketball friends

A Work Conquest

(Straight-2034 words) by House
A guy cannot resist a woman at his workplace.

The house guest.

(Straight-4303 words) by Anonymous
Mature wife can’t resist young house guest.

Cum Cabin

(Straight-1900 words) by Xavier Steele
A couple decides to escape to a secluded cabin in the woods, where they fulfill each other's deepest fantasies. From role-playing scenarios to exploring new positions and techniques, they push their boundaries and discover new heights of pleasure

Birthday Presents

(Group-4635 words) by Doctor D
It's a girl's birthday, and you, her male friend, are going to give her a nice warm present, as well as her two friends. Magic artifacts are great, aren't they?

Unexpected part 1

(Straight-2785 words) by Anonymous
Married friends take a road trip to Florida while their spouses fly.